June 12, 2008

exam period, been busy in uni studying.

will update after exams.



my knee

May 31, 2008

as the title suggests. my knee is giving me hell now. a couple of years back i almost tore my ACL aka, my anterior cruciate ligament, while playing footie, thankfully, the muscle didn’t tear, but it was rather, “stretched” to the point of tearing, which is still bad. now whenever i play any sports now, i can still feel the pain from time to time. not to mention the abuse my right knee has had to withstand, for example, one time, playing for my old team, the opposing defender wanted to volley the ball, but instead of hitting the football, he made full on contact with my right knee.

anyway, why i’m ranting about my knee is because, last nite, i fell off the bed. yes. i fell off the bed, and my knee was somehow in an awkward angle, i woke up fucking screaming my head off because i could feel the strain on my knee. sakit babi giler nak mampos sial. then i went back to bed, woke up at 9+ and headed off to futsal. giler champion kan, siap boleh main futsal lagi. but skarang tgh regret decision gi main futsal, my knee is hurting like maddd. like seriously.

just got back home from lunch. went over to stan’s place to pick up the idiot, then went to subang to meet up with dwayne and amir who came up from jb, alvin was there as well. fucking hilarious weih, kutuk stanley session. hahahhahahhaa.

oh, on thursday tried out this new restaurant in plaza ttdi, called frames. i like their interior concept, its different. hehhe their food’s not too bad either. after dinner went over to wabisabi for awhile. couldn’t stay for long tho, cos i had to go back. but crowded la wabi that night.

then yesterday went over to stan’s place lepak for awhile, then went AC to play pool. played pool for about 3-4hrs i think. first time in a lonnng time i played pool that seriously, but of course, i had to play seriously cos i made a bet with stanley.  but that. lost 7-4. fuck lar, means i lost the bet la. no not monetary bet, but rather a fucking stupid bet that i knew i shouldn’t have made.

ok lar. i want to go lie down and ice my knee.

of assignments, champions leagues and futsal

May 28, 2008

wahh… last week didn’t blog at all say.  but that was cos i was busy as hell, with an assignment, 3 futsal sessions with 3 different groups and the champions league final as well. the filled week started with tuesday lar, with my international marketing assignment due on wednesday, got back home from uni, started my assignment and did it till about 10, went out for futsal with hasif and his friends, came back home, slept, did assignment n submitted on wed. the next day wanted to sleep early so i could watch the UCL final, plan backfire, couldn’t sleep at all, ended up not sleeping till around 7am, and woke up at about 10am. yeah and we all know who won bitches! glory glory man united! some idiot wore a chelsea jersey and walked past all of us who were wearing united jerseys, the guy damn malu la. kena kutuk hahaha

felt like a fucking zombie man, hahha. after that in the evening with ken and prem, went over to subang square to get zippo lighters, drove back home after that, chilled at home for about 2hrs to have dinner with mum and julz and aunty fina and aunty fauziah, then went back out again. first went to taman tun to pick shelva up, then off to sunway to pick rachel and prem up, then off to dan’s place to pick him up. luckily, i drive a bus. hahhaa. we went for nasi lemak at sea park, where we had a shit load of laughs, and where i was constantly picked on. assholes. had to leave early also lar, cos i promised rachel i’d get her back home by 12 atleast. even that night also tak cukup tidur, playing flatout2 on my pc, and watching whatever stuff i downloaded for the day.

even wen i woke up on friday, i felt like a fucking zombie wei. haha picked rachel up arnd 1 for lunch, then we went over to pyramid for lunch at manhattan fish market. we had our laughs la that day. after lunch walked around pyramid, walked past toycity, heheheh had a couple of laughs in there, i want my husky mkay :P, also helped her to ger stuff for her cousin’s baby shower. oh and we even played that bloody dancing game in pyramid’s lala avenue.. rofl. now that was laughs. after that headed back to her place for awhile so she could get changed, then off to futsal wit darren, chris, prem etc etc. haha initially rach only was watching :p but urs truly dragged her in the game, and she even scored too bluek hahahahah.

even on fri night my sleeping pattern memang fucked up lar. slept early, woke up at 3:30, took me 3 hours to go back to bed, almost missed my futsal game with my team ion saturday morning lol. cibaikia only managed to score 2 goals, but my 2nd goal damn nice lar, messi-ish goal. hahaha, according to tyew lar. heh.

giler lar. tat was my week lar. now only 2 more weeks before my first paper on the 10th which is international marketing. gotta start cracking rawwwwr. okok spank you later.

push-pull strategy.

May 17, 2008

why push and pull strategy? haha that’s cos hanie told me to do a lil something yeh, and she has this theory, and yeah well, i did what she told me to do, and memang betul, what she said would happen did happen yeh. after all, hanie herself was there to see her own theory in action yeh, and yehhh i shall now call it hanie’s push-pull strategy for real life situations. roflmao. lol, i actually fell asleep typing this entry. anyways, yesterday, in the spirit of randomness, hanie, ken and myself went over to ikea for hot dogs, and that was cos hanie had cravings for ikea’s hot dogs. and after those hot dogs, we had vanilla ice cream, hehehehehe. for once, i shall now upload pictures.

whispers in the dark.

May 16, 2008

currently listening to the song “whispers in the dark” by skillet. heard it randomly and downloaded it, it’s actually a bit of an emo song, in my personal opinion. 

Despite the lies that you’re making
Your love is mine for the taking
My love is
Just waiting
To turn your tears to roses

I will be the one that’s gonna hold you
I will be the one that you run to
My love is
A burning, consuming fire

You’ll never be alone
When darkness comes I’ll light the night with stars
Hear my whispers in the dark
You’ll never be alone
When darkness comes you know I’m never far
Hear my whispers in the dark

You feel so lonely and ragged
You lay here broken and naked
My love is
Just waiting
To clothe you in crimson roses

I will be the one that’s gonna find you
I will be the one that’s gonna guide you
My love is
A burning, consuming fire

haha sorry la. had to. just got back from a mini-slipstream TT session, we are getting the team up again, and the purpose of the TT session is to clear up some stuff with another bunch of guys who have a similiar name to us. i tell you, after we kaotim that issue, TT session was fucking funny, esp, with what me and stan had to say. now that i can’t mention at all. family rule man. haha. okay lar enough for now. cibai stanley ask me update. hahahhahaha

oh yes!! sweetnesss.

May 12, 2008

oh such sweetness. i think this title victory was better than last season’s. but thats just me. i was too nervous to even leave my seat watching the game. after ol’giggsy scored the second goal, i swear, all the tension in the house just faded away like memories of yesterday. yes of course u know what i’m talking about, man united clinching their 10th premier league title under fergie’s (sir alex, not that dumb blonde singer) reign. such sweet victory. today prem, kim han, amir walked around campus with united scarves and a huge ass united flag, rubbing it in to all the haters, pissin the hell off outta tee yew and paopao. 

i want to know why people make a such a big fuss about my facebook status changing? some people huh.

boredom strikes in.

May 10, 2008

woo. i just like, finished 2 assignments. strategic management on thurs, and org. behaviour on friday. my last assignment for this semester is due like week 12, which is international marketing. and then, it’s all about exam prep man. speaking of exams, my exam timetable’s rather sweet, my papers are on the 10th, 16th and 23rd, and all of them start at 130pm. the only bit i’m complaining about is that i finish rather late. i’m sure i’ve got mates who finish early and wanna go out and do stuff. oh well, it’s all about discipline no.

oh, i recently bought 2 new pair of shoes last wed, puma driving shoes, and team adidas jerez shoes, or as prem says it, team adibas. ken also has a pair of team adidas jerez shoes, and he bought this white pair of adidas shoes with black stripes down the side. i initially wanted those, but pundek ayam belanda, there was no size for me( fyi, my feet are size 12), and being the bastard that he is, went and bought that pair. you bastard.

and then later that night, ken, shelva, prem and myself went over to republic @ sunway pyramid for a drink or two. was a public holiday the next day, otherwise i’d rarely go out in the middle of the week, i’m boring like that. was a pretty interesting night la, went over to bar celona for awhile as well, and i’ve come to agree with how prem describes that place; soahbeng.com/lalafied. seriously. who the fuck shuffles to 2pac’s hit em up? bodoh betoi. haha last nite was hella funny, after i submitted my OB assignment, lepak in uni abit, play sum pool with prem, and then went over to his place. we wanted to watch ali g but his laptop was being a pain. so we took out the bb gun, heheh had a bit of fun la, shot his wall clock. it now looks like a 50 cent album cover.

on a different note, my sister showed me this video on youtube, imma share it with whatever readers i have out there 😉